MyBox is a subsidiary of JLF Freight Services based in St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

At JLF Freight Services our priority is to earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers. Our customer service focuses on your needs. It separates us from the competition.
Collectively, our team of experts has dedicated years of service to transportation logistics, ensuring our customer's shipments are always handled in the most professional manner. JLF Freight Services, founded in 2017, prides itself on building lasting relationships with our clients. We do this through first-rate service, excellent competitive pricing and the best selection of transportation options.
We believe that we are in business together!
In your business, everything matters! Minutes matter, deadlines matter and information, management, control and accuracy is everything. You can´t afford to get it wrong. Nor can we. That´s why you can be sure that when you put your trust in our company, your consignments will be safe in our hands.
Our business is about handling your business with dedicated care and concern and we´re proud of our reputation for safe delivery, answering questions intelligently and providing sensible solutions to every kind of logistics problem.

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L.A. Lewis Building

St. James Street


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Call: 784-533-2501

Email: svgmybox@gmail.com


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